About Rachel Livingstone

Rachel Livingstone has dedicated more than 30 years to helping people from all walks of life improve their fitness and wellbeing. Growing up in London England, she always loved sport and at age 14 asked her dad if she could join the gym he trained at. She was hooked. From Gym Instructor, to Personal Trainer, Aqua Aerobics Instructor to Fitness Manager, she fulfilled many roles in the industry, always building her qualifications and honing her skills through different work opportunities and associations with Doctors, Obstetricians, Physiotherapists and Back Care Specialists. 

In 1998 Rachel immigrated to Australia based on her qualifications, skills and experience in health and fitness and set up her own personal training business. She looked after a wide variety of clients, from the corporate man preparing for a triathlon, to pregnant gal pals staying fit for bub, to the over 50’s managing conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

An impromptu conversation with Sydney Obstetrician Dr Mark Beale at the start line of Sydney’s City 2 Surf fun run about the lack of quality exercise options for pregnant women set her on a new path. Rachel had found her real passion. She realised there were gaps in the market when it came to pregnancy and new mum fitness. There were so few resources for active women who wanted to continue working out at the gym through pregnancy, confident their workouts were safe and beneficial for their bodies and growing babies, instead of simply reducing their exercise program to walking and prenatal yoga. There were also women who had found new motivation – or been given a nudge by their doctor, to look after themselves or better manage varying medical conditions, now that their bodies were home to a growing baby, but had no idea where to start with exercise. Once the bubs were born these new mums would need a place to continue their good work with safe, rehabilitative exercise programs in a nurturing, baby friendly environment and where were they to go?

In 2003 Rachel started the Glowing Expectations Pre and Postnatal program in her Sydney studio, working on direct referral from Doctors, Obstetricians, Fertility Specialists and Physiotherapists. She also added an onsite Naturopath, Nutritionist and Massage Therapist and worked closely with a Counsellor and Acupuncturist to provide more holistic care for mums and mums to be. Since its inception Glowing Expectations has looked after the fitness and wellbeing of over 3000 pregnant women and new mums, as well as women managing polycystic ovarian syndrome, going through IVF or planning to fall pregnant.

Rachel and the Glowing Expectations program have been featured in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Telegraph, Mother & Baby and Pregnancy & Birth. Rachel has also appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise morning show talking about pre and postnatal exercise and was chosen as spokesperson for Pears Australia’s Gestational Diabetes Campaign in 2008.

The success of the Glowing Expectations face to face program lead to Rachel receiving phone calls and emails from women in other cities – and other countries, asking if she knew of any Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialists like her in their neck of the woods, and if not, could she advise them on working out in pregnancy. Rachel sought to spread the word about prenatal exercise and a progressive return to exercise post birth, writing articles for The Medical Republic, a publication for GPs, The Telegraph’s Body & Soul section, Pregnancy & Birth magazine, and online health and fitness sites Bondi Beauty and Running Divas, but she needed to do more.

2018 sees the launch of Glowing Expectations online. This program is the culmination of Rachel’s 30 years of qualifications and experience, as well as the invaluable feedback from clients in the face to face program about what pregnant women and new mums really want from a pregnancy and postnatal fitness and wellbeing program. Glowing Expectations is not just another workout and nutrition guide, it is the perfect program to nurture the body, mind and soul of the everyday mum through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


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Meet Sally – Guest Expert Nutritionist, Naturopath & Massage Therapist

Sally believes in living life to the fullest and helps her clients do the same through diet, lifestyle and massage. She re-energises her own body and soul with a run along the beach followed by brekkie and an expresso at her local café and an evening of African drumming.


Meet Belinda – Guest Expert Stylist & Personal Shopper

Belinda can often be seen shopping up a storm and hunting down the bargains – for clients and herself, at Bondi Junction shopping centre. At the weekend she can be found indulging in a relaxing meal out with friends and family and enjoying the view at Bondi Icebergs.


Meet Ginette – Guest Expert Counsellor, Coach & Therapist

Ginette knows life has its ups and down and is always ready to listen to a client’s story and help them navigate their way through the complicated bits. As a long time saxophone player her down time is spent listening to live music and kicking up her heels.


Meet Lyz – Guest Expert Pelvic Floor & Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Lyz is a trail blazer in Women’s Health Physiotherapy who has completed her Masters in Women’s Health and Continence and treated 1000s of women at her Sydney clinic. When she’s not saving pelvic floors, this beach lover can be found by the ocean.