Pregnant woman with Corona Virus Anxiety

Pregnancy is a joyful time – and for many new mums to be, it can also be an anxious time. How many weeks should you wait until you tell people? What will work say and do you get maternity leave? How will you pay the extra medical bills? Will you and your partner agree on a baby name? Will you be a good parent?…

… And right now there is a huge new blanket of worry in the form of the Coronavirus.

We have put together a list of strategies to help you manage your anxiety as a pregnant woman during the era of Covid-19.

Fact not fiction

Choose carefully what advice you listen to and follow. Information on what it means to be pregnant amidst Covid-19 is not as detailed as we would like, because it is a new virus. However, there is nothing except extra worry to be gained from well-meaning, but misinformed sources. Speak to your Doctor, read recommendations from the World Health Organisation, Health Department and other relevant medical professionals on the Coronavirus. In a world where social media has connected us like nothing ever has before, some information gains momentum and is passed on as fact, when it is entirely fiction.

Half fullers

Identify your soul supporters and glass half fullers. We all have family members, friends or online groups that we love but are not necessarily the best influence on us. There is just a little too much glee taken in passing on sad stories, analysing shocking statistics, or wallowing in worst case scenarios... of this time the Coronavirus. It's ok to limit, or even switch off your exposure to these negative people and spend more time with those who will help you feel hopeful and resilient. Some happy vibes is what you and your growing baby need right now.

Keep the magic

And there is so much to be hopeful and happy about! You are embarking on a magical journey. Yes, you might have some morning sickness, but your body is growing a whole new human being. Yes, there is big change afoot, but you are going to be a parent, a family. Don't let the Coronavirus rob you of this special time. Relish every scan, kick and daydream.

Move at home

It's an oldie but a goodie – keep active. Light exercise keeps oxygen and nutrients flowing to you and your baby and clears away waste products and stress hormones. It doesn't have to be in a gym, close to other people in a class, or intense and sweaty. You could simply dance around the living room to music that lights up your soul, follow a You Tube prenatal yoga workout to nurture your nervous system, or join an online pregnancy exercise program that shows you all the exercises you can do in the privacy and safety of your own home amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

Over the last 20 years we've looked after over 3000 pregnant women and new mums. We understand how both physical health and mental wellbeing are important during pregnancy and that's why we have slashed the prices of our online pregnancy and postnatal programs to help every pregnant woman make it through this difficult time of the Coronavirus.

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Caring for your mental wellbeing during Corona Virus


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Tuesday, 07 December 2021