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“I had a high risk pregnancy and was worried about going to my normal gym instructor..”
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Why Exercise Through Pregnancy

Glowing Expectations is not just another workout and nutrition guide, it is a pregnancy companion to nurture the body, mind and soul of the everyday mum to be

Rachel Livingstone

14 Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy


Maintain a Healthy Weight Gain

A little bit of exercise will help you stay within a healthy weight gain range, which is better for the health of you and your baby, both during pregnancy and in the long term.

Strength and Fitness for Birth

Birth is physically and mentally demanding, as well as unpredictable. Being fit and emotionally strong is of benefit, not matter what type of birth you have.

Reduce the Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Exercising during pregnancy helps control your blood sugar levels. This reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and delivering a pre-term or overweight baby, as well as developing Type 2 Diabetes later in life.

Promote Emotional Health

Exercise promotes emotional as well as physical health. Mums to be who work out report feeling more confident, in control and happy throughout their pregnancy, than their peers who choose to opt out of pre-natal exercise.

Help Prevent Back Aches and Pains

Strengthening and stretching all the muscles that affect your back will help prevent aches and pains, especially in the second half of your pregnancy when your bump is bigger.

Avoid the Common Complaint of Constipation

Efficient blood flow through the body and gently muscle contractions around the digestive system aid digestion, helping you avoid the common complaint of pregnancy, constipation.

Build Mental Resilience

Exercise is great for your mind, offering a time out from daily life, a way to de-stress and process emotions and build mental resilience.

Potentially Reduce Morning Sickness

Whether it’s a physical response or simple distraction mums to be report a reduction in morning sickness with light exercise in the early stages of pregnancy.

Reduce Fluid Build Up

Exercise supports your blood flow and lymphatic systems limiting the fluid that builds up in your legs and feet during pregnancy.

Bounce Back Quicker

Prenatal exercise helps you bounce back after birth as your body has not become de-conditioned and you haven’t lost the exercise habit by sitting on the couch for 9 months.

Improve Sleep

Working out promotes a healthy physical fatigue and a sense of mental calm that helps you get a better night’s sleep.

Reduce Risk of Depression

Exercise lowers your risk of prenatal depression. Exercising outdoors combines the benefits of movement with sunlight and vitamin D, further enhancing your wellbeing.

Experience a New Form of Exercise

Exercising during pregnancy encourages you to break out of your workout rut and try something new like aqua aerobics, yoga or light weight training.

Boost Your Immune System

Exercise boosts your immune system, so a pregnancy workout will not only make your body feel, but actually be better.

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